Mumbai local passengers beware! Indian Railways may hike fine for ticketless travelling by a huge amount

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Mumbai local passengers beware! Indian Railways may hike fine for ticketless travelling by a huge amount

Post by Hashim » Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:47 pm

Mumbai suburban railway network may hike fine amount for ticketless travel! Soon, Mumbai suburban railway commuters may have to pay a huge fine, if a proposal by the Western Railway is accepted by the Railway Board, suggesting a four-fold increase in the fine for ticketless travel from the existing Rs 250 to Rs 1,000. In a TOI report, officials stated that the higher fine will act as a deterrent. At present, the fine of Rs 250 is common for first-class as well as second-class commuters, travelling in the suburban railway network. For many years, the fine was of Rs 50, however, in the year 2002, the amount was revised to Rs 250, the report stated.

A senior Western Railway official was quoted in the report saying that the zonal railway proposed an increase in the fine amount during the recent visit of Railway Board Chairman Ashwani Lohani to Mumbai. Further to this, he stated that the final call will be taken by the Railway Board but, if the proposal of the Western Railway is accepted, then the fine will be implemented in both the suburban networks of Western Railway and the Central Railway.

According to officials, many commuters prefer not to buy a railway ticket or season ticket as they go with the calculation that in case if they are caught without a ticket, the amount of fine would still be less than the amount they would have to spend for the average monthly season ticket for most destinations.

In the suburban network, the ticket checking is done randomly. Since in the suburban network, there is a lack of control system like the one in the metro network, many commuters take the risk of travelling ticketless instead of buying tickets. This results in huge revenue losses for the railways. The report claimed that every day, almost 3,000 ticketless travellers are caught on Central Railway. From the fines imposed, the daily earnings are Rs 15 lakh on Central Railway and Rs 5 lakh on Western Railway. Central Railway and Western Railway earn Rs 7 crore and Rs 5 crore respectively from fares.

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